Symposium of Yotta Informatics - Research Platform for Yotta-Scale Data Science 2021

Date and Venue

Date : March 23 (Tue)-24(Wed), 2021

Venue : Online (Zoom)

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Times are in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9:00).


15:00 – 15:10 Opening Remark
Invited Speaker
15:10 - 16:10 Playing with Visible Texts around Us
Seiichi Uchida (Kyushu University)
Progress Reports Part 1
16:15-16:45 Spoken Term Detection from Zero-resource Languages
Akinori Ito (Tohoku University)
16:45-17:15 Nonvolatile AI Processors Based on CMOS/MTJ Hybrid Technology for Ultra Low-Power IoT/AI Systems
Tetsuo Endoh (Tohoku University)
17:15-17:45 Computational storage platform for brain neural structure visualization analytics
Yoichiro Tanaka (Tohoku University)
17:55 – 18:15 Exploring the determinant features of human subjective judgments for food images using deep learning models
Yoshiyuki Sato and Satoshi Shioiri (Tohoku University)
18:25-18:55 Top-down and bottom-up control processes in the brain: insights from behavioral neurophysiology and computational modeling
Kenichiro Tsutsui (Tohoku University)
Invited Speaker
19:00-20:00 Sleep & Odour - EEG and beyond
Simon Ellwood, Giuliano Gaeta, and Anja Searle (Givaudan)


Invited Speakers
14:30-15:30 Real or Fake? The Future of Media Security and Privacy
Isao Echizen (National Institute of Informatics)
15:35-16:35 Cross-Linguistic Similarity of the Names of an Animal Species Reflects Its Habitat
Takeshi Obayashi (Tohoku University)
Progress Reports Part 2
16:45-17:15 Archaeological researches using X-ray CT and digital measurement methods
Yoshitaka Kanomata (Tohoku University)
17:15-17:45 Development of a Reflection System Using Image Analysis Data for Classroom Improvement
Taira Nakajima, Yasuhiro Hatori, Katsumi Sato, and Shinichi Watabe (Tohoku University)
17:50-18:20 Extraction of important text information from images
Shinichiro Omachi (Tohoku University)
18:20-18:50 Dynamic panel analysis of subjective well-being in the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan
Yasumasa Matsuda, Takaki Sato, & Anqi Li (Tohoku University)
Invited Speaker
19:00-20:00 Disruptive innovation in Artificial Intelligence Start-up Firms
Yuan Gao (University of East Anglia)
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