AI Yotta

Sciences and Technologies of Quality and Value of Information

“Quali-Informatics in the society
with yotta scale data”

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Sciences and Technologies of Quality and Value of Information

Accumulation of information is essential for human knowledge production, and information technology has accelerated the speed of data accumulation. The total data generated within a year is predicted to be more than 1 Yottabytes in 2030, which is much larger than the total storage available at that time. This is a big problem because most of data generated have to be discarded soon after generation with little contribution to knowledge production.

There is another critical problem of the increase in quantity of information with high speed, which is called information overload. Decision accuracy decrease with amount of information beyond a certain point while it increases at the beginning. We create sciences of quality and value of information to solve these problems.


New information science and technology research combining the humanities and sciences

Establishing a pioneering area of science combining information “quantity” and “quality”, we aim at creating the basis of future ICT technology to extract values and knowledge from enormous volumes of information, which is estimated to expand to more than 1000 times as the current volume and to exceed a yottabyte (one trillion times one trillion: 10^24) within15 years from now.


Meet the Scientists

Information science and technology, including big data, the cloud and the IoT (Internet of Things), has been changing our life and society. We, AIYotta; Advanced Institute for Yotta Informatics, attempt to establish a novel interdisciplinary academic field for quality and quantity of information, in order to obtain significant values and knowledge extracted from large amounts of information. To this purpose, we are having an interdisciplinary approach by under-one-roof style formation to encourage interaction and knowledge integration among sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. We are thus creating a platform for emergence of wisdom and breakthrough of ICT in the future.

塩入 諭 教授
  • Director
  • Satoshi ShioiriProfessor
  • Research Institute of Electrical Communication Visual Cognition and Systems